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June 21st, 2016, 10:18 pm

Shadow Leafeon


Name: Neptune

Species: Vampire

Master of: Felix

Age: Looks 18ish (is actually in his 30's)

Orientation: Bi

Personality: He's a dumbass who runs his mouth. He's pretty goofy and loves making dumb jokes. Compared to other vampires, he's pretty uncoordinated and unathletic. (But he can easily beat humans at tests of strength and endurance etc.)

History: Being the dumbass/class clown, Neptune got in trouble for making some jokes in his highschool sex ed class. He ended up serving detention. This was like in the late 1980's. On his way home, he got attacked by a Vampire who mistakenly turned him. After on the road for the few years, he saved a human named Felix from a fire/his abusive family. Feeling lonely, he decided to form a contract with him. And that's that. ^^

Likes: Felix, picking flowers with/simply being with Felix, being the center of attention, going on walks, and Len's bar.

Dislikes: Running, working, being broke (is always broke), is a little weary of werewolves (tends to stay away from them), and when people point out his bullshit.
ahhhh my dorkkkkkk <3333
okay so I had these sketched out and planned to finish them digitally. Then i hated the way they were turning out so just inked them traditionally. But I only had literally 5 colored pencils lol. So if the colors look the same...they are XD ...i hate coloring things lol

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everyones fav idiot <3

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